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This is destined to be a positive year for all zodiac Virgo folk with families. There are likely to be some lovely surprises although there could also be more responsibilities and some minor worries as well. There may be some concerns over health relating to weight gain and therefore diet. There could also be concerns relating to older members of the family who may need additional support or even residential care. In the work environment, things will be positive and take an upward turn with a raise in salary and new opportunities for training and the acquisition of additional skills.

Those with specific expertise may be called upon to train others. There could be additional studying or evening courses. Being a natural organizer and a real busy bee, Virgo men and women are destined for higher office this year. Intent on making the right impression, Virgo employees could try to change their images, adopting trappings associated with managerial roles.

This transition may be experimental but there is serious intent behind it. It is an excellent career horoscope year for finances and prosperity is likely to come your way, although if truth be told many Virgo folk could already be sitting on hidden wealth at home without realizing it. A fast-moving upward trend in finances and as well as random amounts of money coming to you from a lot of different directions is very likely.

Virgo folk have sharp minds and keen wits.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

This year Lady Luck will smile on them causing the biggest and most favourable shake-up in their capital. With money flowing into their pockets, Zodiac Virgo people may turn their attention to the smaller details of getting jobs done. Career prospects this year are excellent and many Virgo folk may find their careers really take off. Certainly, Virgo people will be more confident in their sense of direction, although they may experience characters in the workplace intent on holding them back, or trying to stand in their way and preventing them from achieving as much as they could.

For those in marketing, sales, communications, teaching or journalism, there are likely to be many opportunities for further study and some re-training. Virgo folk may be given more responsibilities and expected to manage them with little help.

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For those in professional jobs such as office managers, accountants, systems designers, you are likely to encounter some really tricky customers who you will be expected to manage and appease, despite their rudeness and lack of decorum. AstroYogi Astrologers advise this time to be apt for big planning and small investments; however, if you wish to take up big projects, you must control your restless and impulsive streak.


Try your best to get rid of the most minor of problems and then decide on how you want to take it forward. Pregnant women, be careful this time around; take adequate rest. Some of you may be under a lot of work related stress and have some sleep related issues to deal with. This is a favourable period for Virgo natives, you begin to focus on yourself, your career, dreams, desires and personal growth.

Virgo is a sign that can be somewhat of a martyr, so your newfound direction of focusing on your happiness is vitally important and a transformative turn for you.

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If you feel indecisive, you must take some time to experiment or learn ways to help you make smaller decisions that could lead to bigger wins. The sun moves into Libra on the 17th, encouraging you to plan your future. With Mercury in Libra, you think of innovative ways to expand your business and impress others with a dynamic persona.

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On the 23th, Mercury moves into Scorpio and you are urged to keep patient. You may feel malaise, but you should push yourself to socialise and experience the world.

Venus in Libra urges you to use communication as the key to your success. You have a way with words that talks people round. Mars in Virgo may lead you to need a vent to release pressure. Try to use exercise or a more wholesome practice. Love is in the air and you come across someone who impresses you with his charm. An excellent month as you are likely to meet with a person whose company would bring happiness your way. The polite behaviour of the kind-hearted person will attract you towards this person and you find yourself developing close friendly relations.

There are strong indications that by the mid month, it might just turn into a romantic affair! Those of you out of a relationship must not immediately jump into another on a rebound. Someone will walk into your life, even if not just now. Those of you who are into a new relationship will get ample time to spend time away from the crowd.

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Talk up and look for common grounds to be together. In the middle of the month, you are likely to face some disappointments in your love life as your beloved behaves strangely. It is time to have a frank talk with your partner to set things right. Those of you who are unhappy in your romantic relationship need to get out of it; there is no point in being in a relationship that constantly demand sacrifices from your end.

All of you need to follow a middle path as far as romantic relationships are concerned during the month end. Some of you may just feel too moody at this time and take your partner for granted. Singles looking for love will need to wait to find the right kind of person. This is a good time to make friends but not jump into a new relationship.

Virgo Daily Career And Business Horoscope

Make the most of opportunities that come knocking at your door this month. Also, you need to make quick decisions to get things done faster. This month will be productive if you work in close coordination with your team members. Projects will get completed much faster as you are willing to listen to the ideas of your colleagues at work.

Virgo Moon Sign Daily/Today Horoscope Wednesday, 9th October, 12222

Engineers will also have a good time and may even get recognition for their work. Teamwork ensures a good month on the work front for you. Your collective effort shows much better results. Towards the middle of the month you may have to travel for a very important project. This is likely to be positive for your career. This is also a very good time for those appearing for interviews, as you will make a very good impression.

Some of you may have to face some disappointments this month. All your efforts may not bear fruit. Additional work is likely to be piled up during this time. Designers in particular will have to sweat it out and finish off your given tasks. Overseas offers are indicated. Do grab them by all means, as it will give you better monetary profits not only now but also in future. This month will bring major profits for those of you who are in the tours and travel business.

You may even go ahead and consider expanding your business now. This is not the right time to buy or sell shares as the share market might be a bit unstable at this time. It would be advisable for you to look at property as an investment option instead. Government officials may be in for a raise. This period will be financially stable for almost everyone and businessmen will be able to garner huge profits. Some people will benefit from a change in government policies which puts things in your favour.

A legal matter that has been troubling you will be resolved. Be careful about your budget as some unexpected expenses are indicated for you in the form of huge medical bills.