Compatibility of tauruss and tauruss

What is Taurus and Taurus compatibility like? Nothing short of amazing! This romantic duo has one of the highest compatibility ratings in the zodiac! Stability is the core nature of the Taurus and Taurus connection. These two personalities are so much alike they must be kindred spirits. They love being together and partaking of anything pleasurable. Food, music and the arts are appealing to the Taurean.

Fine dining and romantic moments in the kitchen are sure to occur. Some tasty treats may work their way into the bedroom too!

Finding a Sun Sign Love Match for Taurus

This relationship is sensible and practical outside bedroom walls. Sensuality and high sensitivity to touch is the recipe between the sheets. They know each other all too well, so explanations are not a rule. Change is unsettling and not something a Taurus appreciates. A steady and predictable relationship makes Taurus more secure. If there is a question of trust, Taurus becomes unstable, uncertain, and moody. Taurus and Taurus compatibility is unquestionable! They are always caressing one another and flirting.

They walk together hand-in-hand, even years into the relationship. When many other couples break up, the Taurus and Taurus connection proves ever-lasting.

Worst Matches

Before you know it, this pair moves from friends too, lovers, and a long-time happily married couple. Their friends are constant in asking how on earth they remain so content together. Tauruses are creatures of tradition. They enjoy planning out their lives together. They appreciate the chance to discuss the values they both maintain.

This pair makes exceptional parents. Taureans who raise their children to work hard and enjoy all the beautiful things in life. These two have attributes that align with perfection. They both have a love for private time and the home environment. They both enjoy the company of family and friends.

Taurus and Taurus Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Long-term goals are also in alignment when two Taurean personalities get together. When sharing a focus on a dream, two Taurean personalities can make any dream a reality. This duo is unstoppable because of their hard-headedness and determination. They set out on a goal with a strategy in place.

Obstacles fall away like autumn leaves in the wind. Dedication is the characteristic of a Taurus personality. Two Taureans make fast friends. Love soon follows. They become lovers quick but remain best friends too. When all energies are in balance, the path of love for two Tauruses is smooth and deliberate. Stagnation can make the most beautiful experiences dull and uneventful. Taurus needs to enjoy the pleasures in life. So, desensitization is a definitive death for Taurus and Taurus compatibility.

Yes, the high Taurus and Taurus compatibility factor ensures a wonderful love match. Differing points of focus between a romantic pairing, it leads to frustration. If one Taurus wants commitment and the other friendship, things can become bitter. No one holds a grudge faster than a Taurus with several emotional hurts. The antics of the Taurus and Taurus love match when in the bedroom range the gamut.

Taurus rules the throat, so a lot of pillow talking and whispering sweet nothings is in order! Taurus is a creature that takes their time. Foreplay is one of their favorite things to do. The longer this romantic duo draws out the pleasure, the better. When these two let their temper loose, cuddling and sweet lovemaking are out the window.

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But, if they make up after an argument, then the sex is great! These two sensual beings sure know how to make peace with one another! The bedroom is one place where there are creature comforts galore. The finest sheets, soft bed coverings, and large posh pillows bedeck the king-sized bed.

Again, Tauruses align with the throat as an anatomical correspondence. Thus, they love to talk to one another about anything and everything. The favorite topics of conversation include pastimes, philosophy, and the arts. Taurus and Taurus personalities often have exquisite singing voices too.

The Compatibility for a Taurus and Taurus Relationship

It is at this time they drink in everything they can from the environment. Doing so allows them to learn a lot about the people they interact with and what makes them tick. Since this star sign rules the throat, Tauruses are quite vocal. They offer their opinions, even when no one asks. The willingness to speak their mind so openly sometimes proves a problem.

Taureans demand honesty at all times.

Their opinions are too honest sometimes. Taurus work hard towards their ends without giving up. Given a plan they would stand by it until they have achieved the desired results.

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They dedicate themselves totally to their friendship, for better or for worse. If their ideas differ, they find themselves squabbling with each other incessantly. If their ideas match, they find themselves working towards their shared goals, and then almost anything is possible for them.

Taurus and Taurus: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

The most striking thing about a partnership between two Taurus is their intense fidelity to each other and the effort they put into the relationship. Their similar personalities and common interests bind them even further to one another. Education - Next 12 Months. Your Lucky Gemstones. Discuss With Our Astrologers. Marriage Compatibility. Finances - Next 12 Months. Career - Next 12 Months.